How many treatments will I need?

Treatment is initially weekly for about six sessions depending on the condition and individual responses to treatment. In some circumstances, it might be more beneficial to come twice a week for the first couple of sessions. Some people only need to come once or twice depending on the condition. Once improvement has stabilised, treatment is reduced anywhere from fortnightly to monthly depending on results to stabilise and continue improvement or maintenance. Some people will need much less than this and others will need much more depending on the condition and the individual responsiveness.

Once symptoms have been alleviated or resolved, you may have noticed other benefits and would like to manage your health preventatively. This could be anything from seasonally to twice a year. If you have stressors in your life such as work, relationships, a chronic health condition, or excessively use stimulants such as coffee, alcohol or sugar, you might like to maintain yourself more regularly such as once a month. In Chinese Medicine theory, imbalances can be felt on the pulse long before they turn into a symptom.