May 22, 2014

I came to see Caryn for treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. My right arm and hand were affected by almost any movement and I was finding it difficult to sleep. I had to start using my left hand for most things, including using a mouse (very awkward)! My shoulder was particularly badly affected – I could no longer tolerate a rucksack of any size, not even a handbag, and it was extremely uncomfortable to run. The doctor had said that I would need surgery; no other options were given. After 6 weeks of Caryn’s acupuncture, in conjunction with osteopathy elsewhere, I feel almost completely back to normal and all that is left is a slight numbness in my right thumb. On seeing the specialist for a check-up, he declared that no surgery was now necessary. This is an amazing result, and added to the bargain, I feel so much calmer – acupuncture seems to have sorted out my anxiety too!

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