May 22, 2014

I came to see Caryn for both physical and emotional reasons. I was physically suffering from lower back pain and general stiffness, which was referring down my hamstrings and calf muscles. I had physio weekly for 8 weeks and while the physio had significantly improved the pain element, I was also stressed and irritable which is something physio cant fix! To me it made sense to try acupuncture to further aid my back and leg pain and help with my stress. I didn’t know what to expect before seeing Caryn but after having the initial consultation I felt Caryn was concerned for my well being as a whole and I felt confident she cared not only for my physical health but also for my emotional health. After each of my sessions with Caryn I felt light and positive and as a blockage had been removed from my head, heart and back. I have since been able to run again pain free (and without further physio sessions!) and have noticed a considerable change in my stress levels. I have had better night’s sleep and wake up keen to take on the world again. I recommend to anyone seeking holistic health to see Caryn for help. Her experience and dedication to helping other’s with all aspects of life is rare to find in a big city!

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