May 22, 2014

Caryn is a truly gifted practitioner who works with profound knowledge and intuition. I first went to Caryn with very much depleted energy levels. Within a few treatments I noticed I had more energy, over a period of eight weeks I was sleeping better and my thoughts were happier, I felt more confident, my stress levels had decreased dramatically. To my surprise I welcomed a significant increase in my business. Caryn was also able to guide and teach me new eating habits and I have gained knowledge in how the five elements apply to the foods we eat which in turn affect our energy levels. Understanding this has enabled me to avoid certain foods and has been an insight to how diet is vital to our performance and how we function. I always felt very safe and relaxed with Caryn’s caring, sensitive approach throughout the duration of my treatment. Thanks a million Caryn for helping me to experience a better quality life!!!

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