May 22, 2014

I have seen Caryn approximately 6 times as a patient. At our first session together Caryn said to me that I would feel more ‘spirited’ as a function of her healing techniques. We spoke about some areas of my life and health that were challenging and I ticked the box on the ones where I felt there was something missing. At our last session we reviewed them. Every one of them without exception had either dissolved or shifted markedly. My primary issue that I came to see Caryn about was my sleep patterns. I was waking many times during the night and was usually wide awake by 3:30am. This was impacting everything in my life and I felt that I was generating myself over a perpetual experience of exhaustion. Within a few weeks I was able to sleep through the night. I woke rested and with a completely different level of energy. My whole life is now calmer, more peaceful and working in every area. It truly feels like the missing link.

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