May 22, 2014

My first acupuncture session ever was with Caryn and I still consider it to date to be one of the more amazing and mysterious experiences of my life. I liked Caryn as soon as I met her – she glows. When Caryn asked me how she could help me I was caught off guard. I didn’t want to tell her that I had no expectation for acupuncture to actually work and that I was only there because my cousin had signed me up as a present, so I told Caryn the first thing that came into my mind, that I get tight shoulders and neck. She examined me and sensed nothing wrong with my neck but detected a blockage in the middle of my face. Caryn had no background info on me whatsoever, and yet she detected and cured an ailment that had plagued me since childhood: sinuses! They used to get so blocked up that at one point they appeared as dense as bone in an x-ray. As a result, I also suffered, but now to a lesser extent from concentration problems and headaches. Since this appointment, I have moved back to one of the worst allergy-inducing regions of the USA, where I used to suffer immense sinus blocks and congestion. I have not had a single reoccurrence of sinus congestion. It just doesn’t happen anymore. I consider it to be one of the most effective medical treatments I’ve ever witnessed firsthand.

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