May 22, 2014

I had endured years of on-again-off-again wrist pain. I felt foolish complaining as my history was sketchy and I was often pain free. When I had similar symptoms in my toes and my mobility was affected I decided to see Caryn who was recommended by a friend who she had also treated. I had few expectations. I felt anything was worth a try. The first thing I noticed was that each episode of pain was reduced from lasting weeks to only a few hours or even minutes. After a couple of treatments I definitely had better range of motion and fewer painful episodes. I also realised quite apart from anything else, I no longer had my massive caffeine addiction! Acupuncture has been enormously beneficial to me, I have been able to resume my normal life. I don’t need help lifting a heavy pot or digging in the garden or even pushing the children on a swing. All the restrictions I had are gone and I thank Caryn for that.

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