May 22, 2014

I came to see Caryn on the recommendation of a friend/work colleague. At the time I had been feeling very flat and depressed as I had on and off for years. I had just visited my GP for some blood tests to try and see if there was something physically wrong with me. There wasn’t and she suggested I was depressed and needed to be on antidepressants. I decided I wasn’t going to down that route. I had also seen a hypnotherapist a handful of times and had some mixed results. Originally I was a bit skeptical as to how acupuncture could ‘fix’ me feeling anxious and flat but thought I’d give it a go. At my first consultation with Caryn I discussed how for years I had felt a level of anxiousness, felt up and down often and tended to feel very flat when I had no reason to be. I had panic attacks from time to time and would describe myself as continually worrying about something and was just generally negative.

It took a few sessions for me to start to feel a change but after few months the results are remarkable. I genuinely feel like a new person. I feel happy, lighter, less anxious and have much more control over my self and my feelings including a binge drinking tendency. It has also improved my relationship enormously; as I’m sure I am finally more bearable at home. Overall I feel more positive and finally just happier. I believe that I will probably always have to have top up acupuncture sessions as I have accepted that my anxiety is a part of me and it needs to be treated in some form. Five-Element Acupuncture is definitely my preferred method and I truly believe that it’s treating my issues wholly.

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